Friends, there is very happy news for those who visit Baba Khatu Shyam. Western Railway has given very good news. It is being told that the frequency of the train running between Narnaul in Haryana to Jaipur has been increased.

For your information, let us tell you that now train number 09633 Jaipur-Narnaul is going to make 15 additional trips. Jaipur to Narnaul which was scheduled to close on 27th March. But now the most important thing is that now it will continue till 10th April.

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Friends, train number 09633 will leave from Jaipur at 10:40 am, after that it will reach Narnaul at 14:05 pm via Dhehar’s Balaji, passing through routes like Neendar Banad, Chaumu Samod, Govindgarh Malikpur, Rings, Shrimadhopur, Nizampur.

And the happiest thing is that train number 09634 will leave from Narnaul for Jaipur at 14:30 pm and then reach Jaipur at 18:30 pm. Let us tell you that this train will have a total of 9 coaches including seven ordinary class coaches and 2 guard coaches.

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