Friends, if you are also thinking of going home on Holi, then this news is very useful for you. Keeping Holi in mind, Indian Railways has also made its full preparations. So let us know about the trains running on Holi.

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For your information, let us tell you that Indian Railways has announced to run more than 200 special trains on Holi. Due to which passengers can get confirmed tickets to go home on Holi. It is being told about these trains that.

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Apart from the already announced trains, 20 pairs of special trains are going to run for easy travel. As you must be aware that before this, information about 31 pairs of special trains has been given. This means that altogether 51 pairs of special trains are going to run.

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It is also being said that the number of trains may increase as per the need. In view of Holi this year, special trains have been started by Western Railway and Central Railway. In which people are travelling.

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