Bihar Road News: These days the network of roads is being laid at a very fast pace in Bihar. Meanwhile, the Central Government has given a big gift to Bihar. At the same time, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar keeps reducing on many schemes to improve the roads of the state.

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The focus of all of which is to lay a network of roads in the state. Now it is a matter of happiness that the Central Government has also opened the treasury for the roads and bridges of Bihar. Which the Central Government has approved for the construction of 280 roads in Bihar.

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Let us tell you that its length is going to be 2 thousand 172 kilometers. Not only this, friends, the Central Government has also approved the construction of 84 bridges. A proposal for 6 thousand 600 kilometers of roads was sent to the Center by the state government.

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In this, approval has already been received for the construction of 1 thousand 300 kilometers of roads. If reports in the media are to be believed, the Central Government has currently approved the construction of 2 thousand 172 kilometers of roads. Out of which Rs 1,603 crore will be spent on bridge construction.

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