Amitabh Bachchan Films: Amitabh Bachchan, the Bollywood legend, has gifted the world numerous cinematic gems throughout his career. Among these, “Saudagar” stands out not only for its brilliance but also for its unique history.

Amitabh’s Early Brilliance:

Released in October 1973, “Saudagar” is a product of the iconic Rajshree Films. It showcased an early glimpse into Amitabh’s magnetic screen presence and acting prowess. As the film marked its golden jubilee last week, it remains a testament to Amitabh’s long-lasting cinematic legacy.

Fifty Years and Counting:

Half a century later, “Saudagar” still resonates with many cinema enthusiasts. Its storytelling, performances, and soundtrack make it a classic worth revisiting.

A Unique On-Screen Pairing:

One of the significant highlights of the film is the pairing of Amitabh Bachchan and Nutan. While they appeared as the leading pair in “Saudagar”, they shared the screen again two decades later in 1994’s “Insaniyat”. However, in this film, the dynamics shifted, with Nutan portraying the role of Amitabh’s mother.

A Financial Surprise:

Despite its modest budget of 7.50 lakhs, “Saudagar” struggled at the box office, earning only about Rs 5 lakh. It’s surprising, given the talent associated with the film and its memorable content.

Behind the Scenes Controversies:

The film industry is no stranger to on-set dramas, and “Saudagar” was no exception. A particular incident grabbed headlines when Nutan reportedly slapped her co-star Sanjeev Kumar on the sets of another film, “Devi”. It was alleged that she did so at her husband’s urging. This incident became one of the talked-about events of that era.

amitabh bachchan
amitabh bachchan

In retrospect, “Saudagar” serves as a reminder that box office numbers aren’t the sole indicators of a film’s worth. As it completes 50 years, its rich legacy, the powerful performances, and the stories associated with it remain evergreen in the annals of Bollywood history.

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