In the landscape of Indian civil services, success stories echo perseverance and grit. One such narrative is of Pari Bishnoi, an aspirant who, after two unsuccessful attempts, emerged victorious in her third shot at the UPSC examinations. Her journey offers valuable insights into resilience and unwavering dedication.

Origin and Education:

Hailing from the historical city of Ajmer, Pari Bishnoi began her academic journey at St. Mary’s Convent School in her hometown. With dreams bigger than the city’s boundaries, Pari moved to the capital city, Delhi, for her undergraduate studies. She attained a Bachelor’s degree from the prestigious Delhi University, marking another step towards her ambitions.

An Early Decision:

It was during her time at Delhi University that Pari’s aspirations for the civil services took root. Even as an undergraduate, she began juggling her college syllabus alongside the vast curriculum of the UPSC.

Higher Studies:

After her graduation, Pari’s academic thirst wasn’t quenched. She pursued a post-graduate degree in Political Science from MDS University in Ajmer, further strengthening her knowledge base for her dream job.

The GRF Achievement Amidst UPSC Preparation:

As Pari delved deeper into her UPSC preparations, she simultaneously tackled and passed the GRF examination. However, her heart remained set on the IAS dream she had nurtured since childhood. This dual dedication showcased her incredible commitment to her goals.

Facing Setbacks with Strength:

Setbacks often deter the spirit of many. However, for Pari, her initial failures in the UPSC examinations became a source of motivation. Despite the disappointments of her first two attempts, she took them as learning experiences, re-strategizing her approach and keeping her morale high.

Triumph in the Third Attempt:

The year 2019 became a significant milestone in Pari’s journey. Her relentless hard work and persistent efforts bore fruit as she secured an impressive 30th rank in her third attempt at the UPSC examination conducted by the Indian Union Public Service.

A Supportive Family Background:

Behind Pari’s steely determination was the unfaltering support of her family. Her father, Meenaram Bishnoi, an advocate, and her mother, Sunila Bishnoi, employed with the GRP in Ajmer, instilled in her the values of persistence and hard work.

IAS Pari Bishnoi
IAS Pari Bishnoi

Pari Bishnoi’s tale is more than just an account of success; it is a testament to the undying spirit of determination and the power of perseverance. It reminds all aspirants that setbacks can be stepping stones to monumental successes if faced with the right mindset.

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