High speed train is going to run in Uttar Pradesh very soon. Because soon high speed trains will run on Ayodhya Prayagraj railway section. Friends, preparations for this are being made rapidly by the Railways. So let us know what is the preparation.

For your information, let us tell you that approval has been received for doubling this railway track of approximately 160 kilometers distance. Its construction work is going on soon. Common people will benefit greatly from this.

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Friends, after its construction, passengers will be able to travel from Ayodhya to Prayagraj in one and a half hours. Due to which their time will also be saved a lot. It is being told that the work of electric line on the railway track has been completed.

Let us tell you that the speed of trains at the junction has now been fixed at 30 kilometers. As you may be aware that earlier trains were being operated at the junction at a speed of 15 km. As soon as it starts from the junction, its speed has been fixed at 110 kilometers.

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