E-Sim Transfer: In the present times, many advanced technologies have come. Moreover, people are stealing old goods and using new products and services. The first example of this is the SIM card used in mobile phones.

For your information, let us tell you that some time ago people used to use only physical SIM cards. But now times have changed. Now some people have started using e-KIM card. Which is very advanced.

It is being said that in the present digital era, e-SIM card is much better than physical for privacy and security. But the most important thing is that very few people in the country use e-SIM cards.

Now the happy thing is that its users are gradually increasing. Let us tell you that the facility of e-SIM has been available in iPhone for a long time. But now this facility will be available in some Android phones also. This option is available for Google Android devices from Android 14 onwards. The special thing is that this feature has not yet come on a large scale.

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