Maruti Baleno: Every year in India, Maruti Suzuki is the top-selling car brand. For many years, it has been the number one brand in the country, with its WagonR and Swift being the top-selling cars. However, in this list, you can also find the name of Maruti Baleno, which was the best-selling car in the country a few months ago. Priced at 10 lakh rupees, it offers a variety of premium features.

For those with a limited budget who prefer to purchase a premium hatchback, the Maruti Baleno is a popular choice. However, for those who cannot afford it, there is no need to be disappointed. They can bring home a second-hand Maruti Baleno at a price of 4 lakhs. In this article, we will introduce you to some offers where you can buy the Baleno at an affordable price.

The Maruti Baleno is available at a price of 6 lakhs on the Cardekho website for a 2017 model. It looks just like the new Baleno and offers performance similar to the new model. This model of the Maruti Baleno in Ujala color is being sold at the Delhi NCR location. You can visit the website for more information.

On OLX, Maruti cars are also available at very affordable prices. Here, a 2016 model Baleno is being sold for 4.25 lakhs. This car has been driven extensively but is still a good option for buyers on a tight budget.

Additionally, a 2015 model Baleno is being sold for 4 lakhs on the Droom website. The condition of the car is reported to be good, and it is being sold by its previous owner.

By availing these offers, customers can find a Maruti Baleno within their budget, and with proper care, they can sell it for the same price after a few years. These second-hand options make purchasing a premium hatchback like the Maruti Baleno more accessible to a wide range of customers.


1. Maruti Suzuki is the best selling car brand in India with the WagonR and Swift being the top selling cars for many years.

2. The Maruti Baleno, which was previously the best selling car in the country, is priced at Rs. 10 lakh and offers premium features, making it a preferred choice for those with a budget.

3. However, those who prefer the Baleno but have a budget constraint can consider buying it from the second-hand market for Rs. 4 lakh.

4. The 2017 model of Maruti Baleno is available at a discounted price of Rs. 6 lakh, offering the same performance as the new model.

5. The second-hand market also offers the 2016 model of Baleno for Rs. 4.25 lakh, making it an affordable option for budget-conscious buyers.

6. The 2015 model of Maruti Baleno is being sold at Rs. 4 lakh on the Droom website, with good condition and being sold by the previous owner.

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