Renault New Duster Coming Soon: Renault is gearing up to launch a new model of its mini SUV, the Duster. The original Duster received a positive response from Indian customers, but due to the lack of updates, the company had to discontinue it. However, recent news suggests that Renault is working on the new model of the Duster, and a teaser image of the car has gone viral on social media.

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The viral image showcases a classic and stylish SUV, with significant differences from the previous model. While the company has not officially confirmed anything about the new Duster, industry insiders and media reports suggest that Renault may launch the new mini SUV by 2025. This means that the new Duster could be seen on Indian roads by 2025, and for now, the teaser image is creating quite a buzz on social media.

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As for the engine, the new Renault Duster may come with a 1599cc petrol engine. It may be available with both manual and automatic transmissions.

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In terms of mileage, sources suggest that the new Duster could offer approximately 17-19 kilometers per liter on Indian roads, with a fuel tank capacity of about 50 liters.

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The feature list may include AC vents, a 10-inch touchscreen display, a mini sunroof, and ventilated seats, among other features.

As for the pricing, reports suggest that Renault may launch the new Duster at an ex-showroom price of approximately 11.10 lakh rupees.

Overall, the anticipation for the new Renault Duster is high, and it’s expected to bring a refreshed and enhanced driving experience to its customers. With its stylish design, powerful engine, and modern features, the new Duster is set to make a mark in the competitive SUV market. Keep an eye out for more updates on this exciting new launch.


1. Renault is launching a new model of the Duster mini SUV in India, which has been seen as a classy and different model compared to the previous one.
2. The new model is expected to be launched by 2025 and may only have a 1599cc petrol engine with both manual and automatic transmission options.
3. The new Duster is estimated to have a mileage of about 17-19 kilometers per liter and may have features like AC vents, 10-inch touch screen display, mini sunroof, and ventilated seats.
4. The estimated launch price for the new Duster is around 11.10 lakh rupees.

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