Orxa Mantis: The Indian market is witnessing a revolution in the electric two-wheeler segment, with new players entering the fray and established brands continuously innovating. This dynamic environment has led to the growth and diversification of the electric bike segment, catering to an increasingly eco-conscious and technology-savvy consumer base.

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Orxa Energies: A New Entrant with Orxa Mantis
In this evolving landscape, Bengaluru-based Orxa Energies has made a significant entry with the launch of its first electric motorcycle, the Orxa Mantis. Priced at an introductory Rs 3.60 lakh, this electric bike is not just a mode of transportation but a statement of style and performance.

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Competing in the Performance Electric Bike Segment

The Orxa Mantis finds its main competitor in the base variant of the Ultraviolette F77. Positioned as a performance electric bike, the Orxa Mantis has been meticulously designed with racing elements at its core. This design philosophy reflects the company’s commitment to combining speed with sustainability.

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Design Inspired by the Agile Mantis

True to its name, the design of the Orxa Mantis draws inspiration from the mantis, an insect known for its agility and speed. This inspiration is most evident in the bike’s front face, particularly the headlight design, which mirrors the sharp and focused gaze of a mantis.

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Striking Aesthetics and Color Options

The Orxa Mantis stands out with its aggressive front face, sharp fairing, and a sculpted fuel tank that exudes a sense of motion even when stationary. The split seat design adds to its sporty look. In terms of color, the bike is available in dual-tone options: Urban Black and Jungle Grey. These color choices enhance the bike’s appeal, making it not just a vehicle but a piece of modern art on two wheels.

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Orxa Mantis

The launch of the Orxa Mantis is more than just the introduction of a new electric bike; it’s a symbol of the changing dynamics in the Indian two-wheeler market. With its impressive range, speed, and unique design inspired by the natural world, the Orxa Mantis is set to carve a niche for itself among performance electric bikes. This launch is a testament to the innovative spirit that is driving the electric vehicle industry in India forward.

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