Arvind Trivedi Birth Anniversary: As we mark the 85th birth anniversary of Arvind Trivedi, it’s a time of reflection and celebration of a man who remains eternally etched in our memories as the formidable ‘Ravana’ from the iconic TV serial ‘Ramayan.’ The legacy of ‘Ramayan,’ masterfully directed by Ramanand Sagar, transcends time, as evident from its resurgence and widespread discussion during the 2020 lockdown, a testament to its enduring charm 34 years after it first graced our television screens.

Arvind Trivedi’s portrayal of ‘Ravana,’ the king of Lanka, stood in stark contrast to the virtuous Lord Ram, played by Arun Govil. Trivedi’s performance is remembered for its depth and complexity, bringing to life a character that is often misunderstood. On his 85th birth anniversary, it’s only fitting to delve into the life of the late actor who, much like the character he portrayed, was larger than life.

In a twist of poetic irony, Trivedi, the man behind the screen who breathed life into ‘Ravana,’ was in his essence, a fervent devotee of Lord Ram. His dedication to spirituality was such that he observed fasts during the filming of ‘Ramayan,’ partaking in food only after the day’s shoot had concluded. His devotion extended beyond the camera, as he routinely engaged in the worship of Lord Ram and Lord Shiva, adhering to his spiritual practices with an unwavering discipline.

The profundity of Trivedi’s devotion was perhaps most poignantly reflected in his final wish—a wish that encapsulates the essence of his faith. It was his desire that at his farewell, he would be draped with a cloth inscribed with the name of Lord Ram. This wish, symbolic of his lifelong adoration, serves as a touching reminder of the man who artfully depicted ‘Ravana’ on screen, yet in his heart, was a true devotee of the divine.

Arvind Trivedi
Arvind Trivedi

Arvind Trivedi’s life and his last wish offer a powerful narrative about the human capacity for reverence and the ability to differentiate one’s identity from their art. As we commemorate his birth anniversary, we not only celebrate his contribution to Indian television but also his embodiment of devotion in its truest form.

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