Maruti Baleno: The Epitome of Sporty Elegance in Hatchbacks

Maruti Baleno: Maruti Suzuki, one of India’s leading car manufacturers, has successfully imprinted its mark in the premium hatchback segment. Among its standout offerings is the Maruti Baleno. With a unique blend of style and substance, it stands out in the crowded Indian automotive market.

The design of the Baleno is intentionally sporty, making it exceptionally eye-catching. Its engine is robust, promising long-lasting durability and an exhilarating driving experience. Adding to its appeal is the inclusion of contemporary features, ensuring a seamless blend of comfort and innovation. Maruti Suzuki has ensured ample cabin and boot space in the Baleno, offering a spacious interior without compromising on performance.

Delving into its pricing details, the starting ex-showroom price for the Baleno’s Sigma variant stands at ₹6,61,000, which eventually amounts to an on-road price of ₹7,52,756. However, for potential buyers with budget constraints, Maruti Suzuki has introduced enticing finance plans. These make purchasing the Baleno feasible through convenient monthly installments.

With these finance plans, acquiring the Baleno’s Sigma variant becomes more manageable. By leveraging online down payment and EMI calculators, banks offer loans of ₹6,52,756 at an annual interest rate of 9.8%. This loan spans five years, or 60 months, translating to monthly EMIs of ₹13,805. Upon securing the loan, buyers can take home the Baleno after making a down payment of just ₹1 lakh.

Moving onto its technical specifics, Maruti Baleno is equipped with a powerful 1107 cc engine. This powerhouse can generate a maximum power of 88.50 BHP at 6000 RPM and a peak torque of 113 Nm at 4400 RPM. Paired with a 5-speed manual transmission, the Baleno offers an impressive mileage of 22.35 kilometers per liter. This mileage has been certified by ARAI, bolstering its credibility.

Maruti Baleno isn’t just another hatchback; it’s a statement. Combining sporty aesthetics, cutting-edge features, robust performance, and economic feasibility, it continues to uphold Maruti Suzuki’s legacy in the Indian automotive sector.

Maruti Baleno
Maruti Baleno


– The article is about the Maruti Baleno, a premium hatchback car from Maruti Suzuki.
– The design of the car is sporty and impressive, with a powerful engine and modern features.
– The starting price of the Sigma variant is 6,61,000 rupees, but it can be purchased with attractive finance plans and easy monthly installments.
– The car has a 1107cc engine with a maximum power of 88.50 bhp and a peak torque of 113 nm. It also offers a mileage of 22.35 km/liter.

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