MWC 2024: Nubia has introduced a very special phone. Whose company has launched its special music phone ‘Nubia Music’ in the MWC 2024 exhibition. Friends, the price of this phone of the company is approximately ₹ 13,000 ($149).

It is said about this phone that it looks like an old record player. There is a colorful cover behind this phone of the company. Friends, two 3.5mm headphone jacks will be seen on the top side of the phone.

For your information, let us tell you that due to the headphone jack, you can easily listen to songs with others. Nubia says about this phone that this phone gives 600% more sound than other phones.

It is being told that Nubia Music is very special. This phone has been specially made for people who listen to songs. This phone of the company has AI technology which keeps high and low sounds in perfect balance.

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