According to the convenience of the people, Railways keep changing the stations and time table of their trains from time to time. Let me tell you that the stoppage of Delhi Cantt Bathinda Express train has now been given at Bahadurgarh railway station also.

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Let me tell you that the Chairman of the Board has also issued instructions regarding this. Also, in this regard, Railways has said that the stoppage at Bahadurgarh railway station will be on an experimental basis. For this, the concerned officials of the Railways will also monitor the sale of tickets for this train. If the sales are good then it will continue in future otherwise it can also be cancelled.

Friends, there was demand for this train at many stations but as if this train was ordered to stop at Shakur Basti. But it was not given in Bahadurgarh and there was a lot of disappointment among the people regarding this, but now the approval has been given and the train will also stop.

Friends, if we talk about its time table, then this train leaves Bahadurgarh at 8.25 in the morning from Capital Delhi Sarai Rohilla and leaves Bahadurgarh at 7.30 in the evening for Rohtak to Sarai Rohilla. People who travel daily daily will benefit the most from this, and students going to offices, coaching schools and universities will also benefit from this. There is a wave of happiness among thousands of people due to this.

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