Made in India Pixel Smartphones: Google is going to give very good news to the people of India. Friends, news is coming that Google can start manufacturing Pixel smartphones in India during the next quarter of this year. Due to which the people here will get employment.

For your information, let us tell you that with this step of Google, their Made in India business will grow very fast and the sales of Pixel smartphones can also increase in India. If the company’s phones are made in India, then less money will be spent in making them.

It is being told that only the customers will benefit from this. Let us tell you that Nikkei Asia claims that Google is going to manufacture Pixel smartphones in India from the next quarter. As you might know that the company had announced to make its phones in India long ago.

You will remember that in the year 2023, Google for India had announced that they want to produce Pixel 8 Series in India. Apart from this, the company has also promised that Pixel’s first Made in India phone will be available in 2024.

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