Bihar National Highway: The Central Government has once again approved two more National Highways for Bihar. For your information, let us tell you that the two new highway plans that have been approved by the Central Government are NH-122 B and NH- 527 E.

Let us tell you that it will cost about Rs 1 thousand crore to complete both the schemes. You must be aware that NH-122 B road will pass through Hajipur-Mahanar-Bachhwada. It will cost about Rs 470 crore to build it.

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Whereas on the other hand NH- 527 E is between Darbhanga to Rosra. Let us tell you that it will cost approximately Rs 495 crore to build it. As you may know that NH-122 B is a newly declared national highway. Which is going to be made very soon.

Friends, it will pass through Mahatma Gandhi Bridge in Hajipur, Vaishali district. Along with this, it will be found near Bachhwara on old NH-28. It is being said that this highway will be two lane. With its construction, it will take less time to travel from Darbhanga to Rosra.

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