If you are also looking for a big 7 seater vehicle, then the best option for you is Mahindra’s Bolero. Yes, the company has recently launched it. If sources are to be believed, the Mahinfra Bolero new lineup is a 5 seater version less than 4-meter long. Could be an option. And it may have more seats than before, trendy body style and more powerful and better range than before.

See, Mahindra company is preparing to introduce its very popular model with many big updates. For which this company is currently working rapidly on finalizing the next generation new Bolero. And this new Bolero car of Mahindra can also be replaced with the existing Bolero of Mahindra.

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If we talk about this new feature of Mahindra, then this vehicle is going to have many such features which make it special in itself. The features it is going to have include multi-functional power steering, dual climate control, an updated infotainment system with support for wireless car connect technology.

But the biggest question people have is that by when will this vehicle be launched, so let me tell you that till now no official announcement has been made by the company regarding this. But if media is to be believed, it may still take 2 years to arrive and it may be launched in the year 2026.

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