There is good news for the entire country including the people of Uttar Pradesh, the Uttar Pradesh government is going to take another good step, now the Yogi government with its successful efforts is going to gift the third expressway to Agra. After its completion, it will be possible to reach Gwalior from Agra in just one hour. With its construction, people will get a lot of convenience and the distance will be reduced by about 88.40 km.

And people’s precious time will also be saved. Let me tell you that this expressway will pass through three tehsils of Agra district. For this, 117.83 hectares of land of 15 villages of Tehsil Sadar, Fatehabad and Khairagarh will be acquired. A notice has also been issued for this and a proposal has been made and sent to the government.

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Presently the distance from Agra to Gwalior is 121 km. It takes two to two and a half hours to cover the distance on a four lane road. Let us tell you that the length of this expressway will be 22 kilometers. The total cost of its construction is said to be Rs 2497.84 crore. It is to be constructed in three phases.

Different amounts will be allocated for all phases. It is being said that Rs 972 crore will be spent on the construction of the expressway from Agra to Dholpur. Drivers will benefit from the construction of Agra-Gwalior Greenfield Expressway. And their time will also be saved a lot.

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