If you are looking to learn more about electric scooters, then you can consider Activa. Now, you might be wondering how to think about Activa Electric when it hasn’t even been launched. Well, it turns out that Honda has already prepared the electric model of Activa and it is set to be launched in the first quarter of next year.

The scooter is said to be designed based on the current model. As for the launch date, the Activa Electric may be launched between January and March. Talking about features and specifications, the Activa Electric may have a range of up to 200km, and it may take up to seven hours to charge it. The company is also going to provide fast charging facilities, which will significantly reduce the charging time.

The external look is expected to be similar to the petrol model, but with some changes. The scooter’s lights will be in a trapezoidal style, and it will have DRLs on top, which have become mandatory.

Indeed, in August, Honda had announced that they are working on their first electric scooter, which is going to give tough competition to all others in terms of performance and features. A concept model was also seen during the Japan Auto Show, but the Indian model is expected to be slightly different.

It is believed that the scooter may have a storage of 20 to 25 liters under the seat, which will make traveling even easier. With the addition of a digital instrument cluster, the scooter becomes more advanced, and it will also have Bluetooth connectivity. The top variant may come with navigation and rear-time location sharing.

Experts say that the price of Activa Electric is going to be on the higher side because the company is not compromising on features and performance. However, it is expected that some excellent offers will also be presented along with it.


– Honda to launch Activa electric model in the first quarter of next year
– The scooter will have a range of up to 200 km and fast charging capability
– Design will be similar to the current model, but with some changes such as triangular style lights
– Features advanced technology like digital instrument cluster, Bluetooth connectivity, navigation, and rear time location sharing
– The price is expected to be higher due to the premium features and performance, but attractive offers will be provided

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