The Hyundai Verna is a popular car model from Hyundai Motors that has gained a lot of traction in India. As the second largest car manufacturer in the country, Hyundai Motors has seen immense success with its Verna and Creta SUV models. Despite SUVs being the preferred choice in India, Hyundai has decided to launch the new Verna, which has recently undergone a facelift and is being well received by consumers.

The company believes that the introduction of the new Verna will boost sedan sales in the segment, particularly in urban areas where sedans are still preferred by many due to their better looks and luxurious features. The car offers comfortable seating and ample space, making it an attractive option for families.

The new Hyundai Verna will be equipped with a powerful 1.4-liter petrol engine, which is expected to offer strong performance. It will also be available with an automatic gearbox, catering to the preference for automatic cars in urban areas. Furthermore, the sedan will have a boot space of 400 to 450 liters, allowing families to carry their belongings for long trips.

In addition to its performance and spaciousness, the new Hyundai Verna is also expected to deliver a mileage of 14 to 15 kilometers per liter, making it an efficient and cost-effective choice for consumers. The car is slated to launch with a starting price of 10.40 lakhs, making it a competitive and affordable option in the market.

Overall, the new Hyundai Verna is anticipated to rejuvenate the sedan segment in India and attract a wide range of consumers who are seeking a combination of performance, comfort, and affordability in a car.

Hyundai Verna
Hyundai Verna


1. Hyundai Motors is one of the largest car manufacturers in India, with the Verna and Creta SUVs being the top sellers.
2. The new Hyundai Verna has recently been launched with a facelift and is expected to increase sales in the sedan segment.
3. The sedan offers a powerful 1.4-liter petrol engine and an option for automatic transmission, making it suitable for city traffic.
4. The Verna also provides a spacious boot space of 400 to 450 liters, making it ideal for family trips.
5. The new Verna is expected to offer a mileage of 14 to 15 kilometers per liter with a fuel tank capacity of 55 liters, making it a cost-effective choice with a starting price of 10.40 lakh rupees.

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