Honda has once again demonstrated its prowess in the two-wheeler segment with the launch of the new Honda SP 125, a motorcycle that is turning heads in the Indian market. This bike, known for its robust engine and impressive fuel efficiency, is setting new standards in the 125cc category.

The Honda SP 125 is equipped with a powerful 123.94 cc single-cylinder 4-stroke engine. This robust engine design underlines Honda’s commitment to delivering both performance and reliability. The bike’s engine is not just about power; it also ensures a smoother and more refined riding experience, which is a significant factor for daily commuters.

One of the most remarkable features of the Honda SP 125 is its fuel efficiency. The bike boasts an impressive mileage of 65 kilometers per liter, a figure that resonates well with cost-conscious consumers. This efficiency is achieved through Honda’s innovative technology and engineering, which includes 19 patent applications dedicated to enhancing the bike’s performance. The claim of a 16 percent increase in mileage compared to its predecessors makes the Honda SP 125 a highly economical choice for riders.

In terms of pricing, the Honda SP 125 is launched at approximately INR 90,567 (ex-showroom price). This pricing positions the bike slightly above its standard version by about INR 1,000. The bike is available at all Honda dealerships but for a limited time only, providing a great opportunity for enthusiasts to own a high-performance Honda bike.

The Honda SP 125 is not just a motorcycle; it’s a testament to Honda’s legacy and expertise in creating vehicles that combine style, efficiency, and performance. With its powerful engine, exceptional mileage, and competitive pricing, the Honda SP 125 is poised to continue Honda’s dominance in the Indian two-wheeler market, especially among those who value both efficiency and performance.

Honda SP 125
Honda SP 125


– Honda has launched a new bike with impressive mileage and a powerful engine.
– The Honda SP 125 has a powerful 123.94cc, single-cylinder, 4-stroke engine.
– The company claims the bike can deliver a mileage of 65kmpl, which is 16% higher than before.
– The price of the new Honda SP 125 is approximately 90,567 rupees, making it slightly more expensive than the standard version.
– The bike is available for a limited time at all Honda dealerships.

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