The Indian two-wheeler market is known for its diverse range of budget bikes, catering to a wide array of consumer needs and preferences. Recognizing the high demand in this segment, manufacturers continually introduce new models to stay competitive. Notable brands like Hero, Honda, TVS, and Bajaj dominate this space, each offering unique models that promise affordability without compromising on performance. This article highlights eight top bikes within a budget of 80,000 rupees, showcasing their appeal and value for money.

  1. TVS Radeon: Leading the list is the TVS Radeon, known for its attractive design. Priced at an ex-showroom cost of 62,405 rupees, this bike combines style with affordability.
  2. Honda Shine: Second in the list, the Honda Shine boasts a sporty design that catches the eye. It’s available in the market for 78,687 rupees.
  3. Hero Splendor Plus: At third place, the Hero Splendor Plus is a popular choice in the budget segment. Known for its excellent performance, it is priced at 74,491 rupees.
  4. Hero Passion Plus: Fourth on the list is Hero Passion Plus, offered at an ex-showroom price of 76,301 rupees.
  5. Hero HF Deluxe: The Hero HF Deluxe, ranking fifth, stands out for its attractive looks and is available at a compelling price of 50,900 rupees.
  6. Bajaj Platina 110: The sixth spot is occupied by Bajaj Platina 110, priced at 70,400 rupees.
  7. Bajaj Platina 100: Seventh in the lineup is Bajaj Platina 100, with an ex-showroom price of 67,808 rupees.
  8. Bajaj CT 110X: Rounding off the list at eighth place is Bajaj CT 110X, listed at 63,990 rupees.

These bikes represent a perfect blend of affordability, reliability, and performance, making them highly sought-after in the Indian market. They cater to a variety of consumer preferences, whether it’s for daily commuting or occasional rides, demonstrating that budget-friendly options don’t have to sacrifice quality or style.

TVS Radeon
TVS Radeon


1. The budget segment for bikes is in high demand in India, with a focus on Hero, Honda, TVS, and Bajaj.

2. TVS Radeon and Honda Shine are listed as the top two budget bikes, priced at 62,405 rupees and 78,687 rupees respectively.

3. Hero Splendor Plus, Hero Passion Plus, and Hero HF Deluxe are also top budget bikes, offering good performance at affordable prices.

4. Bajaj Platina 110, Bajaj Platina 100, and Bajaj CT 110X are also featured in the article, providing options under 80,000 rupees.

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