The Honda Shine is a popular choice in the Indian two-wheeler market, especially in the 125cc segment. With its attractive design and advanced engine technology, the bike offers both performance and style. It comes with modern features and high mileage, making it a sought-after option for bike enthusiasts.

In the market, the Honda Shine is available at an ex-showroom price ranging from 85,000 to 90,000 rupees. However, buyers can also find attractive deals on second-hand models on various online platforms. For instance, the 2016 model of the Honda Shine is currently listed on Olx for 31,000 rupees, having been driven up to 55,000 kilometers and well-maintained.

Similarly, the 2012 model of the Honda Shine is being sold on the Droom website for 18,397 rupees, having been driven up to 48,000 kilometers. Additionally, the newest 2021 model is available on Quikr for 22,500 rupees with a mileage of just 10,000 kilometers.

These deals present a great opportunity for those looking to own a Honda Shine at a more affordable price. With the availability of second-hand models in good condition, buyers can enjoy the benefits of this popular bike without breaking the bank.

, the Honda Shine continues to be a top choice in the two-wheeler market in India, offering a perfect blend of performance, style, and affordability. With a range of attractive deals on both new and second-hand models, there is something for everyone looking to own this highly regarded bike.

Honda Shine
Honda Shine


– Honda Shine is a popular bike in the 125cc segment in the Indian two-wheeler market, known for its attractive design and performance.
– The bike is available in the market for around 85,000 to 90,000 rupees, but can be purchased for a lower price in the second-hand market on websites like OLX, Droom, and Quikr.
– A 2016 model of the Honda Shine is being sold for 31,000 rupees, a 2012 model is listed for 18,397 rupees, and a 2021 model is available for 22,500 rupees.
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