New Delhi: The Hero Splendor Plus bike is widely liked, from villages to cities, and receives a good response in the market. If you are planning to buy a bike, then don’t delay, because you have a great offer to buy it.

The new model of the Hero Splendor Plus is worth buying, and if your budget is tight, don’t worry. You can also bring home a second-hand model, which is like a golden offer.

There are now several companies across the country selling second-hand vehicles, which can save you money. You can buy it at a very cheap price, and the mileage and features of the bike are excellent. If you delay in buying the bike, then you may lose the opportunity.

If you are considering buying from the Hero Splendor Plus showroom, then you will have to pay the full price. You will have to spend up to 90 thousand rupees, but if you cannot afford this, then don’t worry, you can sell the second-hand bike.

The mileage of the bike is 70 kilometers per liter, and the weight is also 114 kilograms. Although the bike is a two-seater, it can comfortably accommodate three passengers. According to traffic rules, you will have to carry only two passengers.

The second-hand model of the Hero Splendor Plus bike has been listed for sale on OLX, where you will have to spend a total of 18,000 rupees. You will have to pay the full amount at once, and you will not be able to benefit from any kind of finance plan. If you delay in selling, then you may lose the opportunity.

, if you are considering buying the Hero Splendor Plus bike, do not delay. The second-hand model has been listed for sale on OLX for 18,000 rupees. It is important to note that OLX has not officially commented on the price of the bike. This article is based on media reports.

Hero Splendor
Hero Splendor


– The Hero Splendor Plus bike is highly popular in both rural and urban areas, with good responses in the market.
– Buyers can consider purchasing a new model if within budget, or can opt for a second-hand model available at attractive offers from various companies.
– Showroom prices for the Hero Splendor Plus range up to 90,000 rupees, but second-hand models can be found for as low as 18,000 rupees, providing substantial cost savings.
– The bike offers a mileage of 70 kilometers per liter and can comfortably accommodate up to three passengers.
– Second-hand models of the Hero Splendor Plus are listed on OLX for 18,000 rupees, with no available financing options, necessitating a prompt decision to seize the deal.

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