Apple iPhone 15 Series: The tech world is abuzz with speculation and rumors about Apple’s upcoming iPhone 16, even though the iPhone 15 series remains the latest offering from the tech giant. As enthusiasts eagerly anticipate what Apple might unveil next, certain rumors circulating about the iPhone 16 have caught the public’s attention, but not all of them are being received positively.

One rumor that has caused a stir among Apple fans concerns the display refresh rate of the iPhone 16 and its Plus variant. Speculation suggests that both models will feature a 60Hz display refresh rate. This revelation might come as a disappointment to many, especially considering that a 120Hz refresh rate has become standard in other flagship smartphones priced under Rs 70,000. The higher refresh rate offers smoother scrolling and a more responsive touchscreen experience, making it a sought-after feature in premium smartphones.

Apple’s strategy with the iPhone 15 series included maintaining a 60Hz refresh rate, even as they introduced the innovative Dynamic Island Design. The company’s decision to not upgrade the refresh rate in non-Pro models of the iPhone 15 series has been a topic of debate among tech enthusiasts. It appears this trend might continue with the iPhone 16 series.

Further credibility to these rumors is lent by multiple sources, including the South Korean tech site Naver and the Twitter leaker @Tech_Reve. They suggest that the iPhone 16 series is unlikely to see improvements in this aspect, indicating that Apple may continue with the same refresh rate for its standard models.

However, it’s not all disappointing news. The rumored specifications for the iPhone 16 series include a 6.12-inch display for the standard model and a more substantial 6.69-inch display for the Plus variant. On a brighter note, the Pro model of the iPhone 16 series is expected to feature a 120Hz refresh rate, which is a beacon of hope for those seeking advanced screen technology in Apple’s lineup.

Apple iPhone 15 Series
Apple iPhone 15 Series

while some of the rumors about the iPhone 16 series may be disheartening for fans expecting significant upgrades, it’s important to remember that these are still speculations. Apple has a history of surprising its users, and it’s possible that the final product could exceed these early expectations. For now, Apple enthusiasts will have to wait and see what the tech giant has in store with its upcoming release.

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