The Rajdoot bike has a rich history in the Indian market and has been associated with many famous personalities over the years. The marketing of the product played a significant role in its popularity, with the company investing heavily in advertising to boost sales. One of the most notable endorsements for the Rajdoot bike was by the legendary Bollywood actor Dharmendra. His endorsement showcased the power and trust of the bike, leading to a surge in its popularity.

While the bike enjoyed immense success in the 70s and 80s, it gradually faded from the market due to its failure to adapt to the changing times and preferences of consumers. However, recent reports suggest that the bike may be relaunched by the Escort company, which originally manufactured the Rajdoot.

Despite the lack of confirmation from the company, there is widespread speculation that the Rajdoot bike may make a comeback with a fresh design and modern features to cater to the demands of the new generation. The original Rajdoot bike featured a 173cc two-stroke engine, which delivered 7 BHP power and 12 Nm torque, giving it a sporty edge. The popularity of the bike was such that it became a sought-after item for celebrities and featured prominently in films, further boosting its appeal.

With the potential relaunch of the Rajdoot bike, it remains to be seen whether it can recapture its former glory and appeal to a new generation of riders. The bike’s iconic status and historical significance in the Indian automobile market make it an exciting prospect for enthusiasts and consumers.

Rajdoot Bike
Rajdoot Bike


1. Rajdoot Bike was popular in the Indian market due to effective marketing and advertising campaigns featuring famous personalities.
2. The bike’s popularity declined over time and was eventually discontinued, but there are rumors of it being relaunched with new features and design to target the younger generation.
3. The original Rajdoot bike had a 173cc two-stroke engine and gained popularity, especially after being featured in a blockbuster Bollywood movie in the 1970s.
4. The relaunch of the bike by the Escort company is currently just a rumor and has not been confirmed.

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