The price of petrol and diesel is soaring, causing a strain on the budget of common people. In light of this, the government is taking steps to address the issue. Due to the high cost of fuel, people are refraining from purchasing petrol and diesel vehicles as the prices are beyond the reach of many individuals.

One of India’s major auto companies, Hero Splendor, is soon going to launch an electric version. The company is working rapidly towards the launch of the electric Splendor, which is expected to hit the market soon. Although the official announcement about the launch has not been made, media reports suggest that the bike’s specifications are going to be impressive.

The electric version of the Hero Splendor is expected to have strong features, catering to the modern needs of consumers. The bike’s design is anticipated to undergo significant changes, including the addition of features such as mobile charging, GPS, and speed sensors. The overall look of the bike, including the alloy wheels and fenders, is expected to remain unchanged. The electric Splendor is also expected to have a powerful battery.

The range of the electric bike is expected to be impressive, with the company aiming to provide a range of 250-300 kilometers. The price of the bike is expected to be within the budget of consumers, with some media reports suggesting a launch price of around 1.10 lakh rupees.

The electric variant of Hero Splendor is anticipated to come with a 4KWH battery, providing a range of 120 kilometers. Additionally, options for a 6KWH battery for a range of 180 kilometers and an 8KWH battery for a range of 240 kilometers might be included. However, the official launch date of the bike has not been announced yet.

Hero Splendor
Hero Splendor


– The rising prices of petrol and diesel are affecting the budgets of the common people.
– Hero Splendor, a popular motorcycle in India, is soon to be launched in an electric avatar.
– The electric variant of Splendor will come with modern features like mobile charging, GPS, and speed sensors.
– The design of the bike will have changes in the tank, alloy, and fenders, while the seat and lights will remain the same.
– The bike is expected to have a range of 250-300 kilometers and a price of around 1.10 lakh rupees.
– The battery capacity of the electric Splendor is expected to be 4KWH, providing a range of 120 kilometers.
– This new variant may also have options for 6KWH and 8KWH batteries, providing even higher ranges.
– The exact launch date for the bike’s electric variant has not been officially announced yet.

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