The Indian market has always been a thriving ground for Yamaha’s products. The company is now gearing up to launch a powerful sports bike, the Yamaha R15 V5, with a new look and modern features. This new bike is said to come with some unique features never before seen in any Yamaha bike. Let’s take a closer look at the incredible features, pricing, and launch date of the new Yamaha R15 V5.

The new Yamaha R15 V5 boasts several modern features. It is equipped with a TFT instrument console that comes with smartphone connectivity and possibly Bluetooth. Additionally, it includes day-night modes, gear position indicators, and parking location safety features, ensuring the safety of the rider.

When it comes to the engine, the reports suggest that there may not be any significant changes. It is expected to come with a 155cc BS6 engine, similar to its predecessor. It may also have an additional air filter to help cool the engine. While there have been no updates on other new updates in this engine, it is rumored to offer a mileage of 40 to 45 kilometers per liter of petrol.

As for the price, the Yamaha R15 V5 may be slightly more expensive than the current variant due to the addition of new features. According to some experts, the initial ex-showroom price of this bike could be around 1.81 lakh rupees, with the on-road price possibly reaching up to 2 lakh rupees.

With its powerful engine, modern features, and reasonable mileage, the Yamaha R15 V5 is sure to attract the attention of bike enthusiasts in India. It remains a highly anticipated launch, and potential buyers are eagerly awaiting further details about this exciting new offering from Yamaha. For more information, interested individuals can visit the official website of Yamaha at

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Yamaha R15 V5


– Yamaha is preparing to launch the R15 V5 in the Indian market, offering a powerful sports bike with a new look and modern features.
– The R15 V5 will come with modern features such as a TFT instrument console with smartphone connectivity, Bluetooth, day-night modes, gear position indicators, and safety features.
– The bike will be powered by a 155cc BS6 engine and is expected to have a mileage of 45 kmpl.
– Experts suggest that the initial ex-showroom price of the bike could be around 1.81 lakh rupees, with on-road prices going up to 2 lakh rupees.

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