Mahindra, an Indian car manufacturer, has always been known for producing strong and reliable vehicles in the Indian market. One of their popular models was the Commander, which was favored for its strong engine and overall performance. This popularity continued for some time, especially in rural areas, where it was widely seen. In 1990, the company launched the Mahindra Marshal, an upgraded version of the Commander. This model gained significant popularity in the Indian market for nearly a decade.

However, by the 2000s, the demand for this car decreased in urban areas, but it continued to sell well in rural India due to its good performance on rough roads. Eventually, due to declining sales and an outdated design, the company discontinued the Marshal. Now, there are rumors that the beloved SUV for rural areas might be relaunched with a new and improved design and engine, igniting a fire in the market once again.

The new model is expected to come with modern features, possibly drawing inspiration from the Scorpio N. The emphasis will continue to be on performance, as the previous Marshal was known for its performance-based features. The rumored mileage for this upcoming model is 15 to 20 kilometers per liter, and it will have a 60-liter fuel tank for an extended range.

As of now, the company has not made any official statements regarding the new SUV. Therefore, all anticipated features and details are speculations based on information circulated in the media. The estimated price of the new Mahindra Marshal might exceed 10 lakh rupees, positioning it between the Mahindra Bolero and Mahindra Scorpio N. Additionally, it is expected to be available in black, appealing to the younger demographic.

, if the reports are true, the relaunch of the Mahindra Marshal in a new and improved avatar might bring back the nostalgia and popularity of this rural favorite.

Mahindra Marshal
Mahindra Marshal


1. Mahindra has always been a strong contender in the Indian market for SUVs, with their vehicles being favorites in rural areas.
2. The Mahindra Marshal was originally launched in 1990 and gained popularity in the Indian market for about a decade.
3. The SUV lost its appeal in urban areas after 2000 but remained popular in rural areas due to its performance on rough roads.
4. The company is now planning to relaunch the SUV with new features and an updated design, possibly inspired by the Scorpio N.
5. The relaunched SUV is expected to provide a mileage of 15-20 kilometers per liter and could be priced at over 10 lakh rupees.
6. The vehicle might fit in between Mahindra Bolero and Mahindra Scorpio N in terms of the SUV range.

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