iPhone: In a world where love often motivates extraordinary actions, a recent incident in Turkey stands as a testament to the lengths people will go for those they care about. However, this tale also highlights the darker side of such endeavors, where moral boundaries are crossed in the name of love.

In the bustling city of Adana, Turkey, Azim, a courier, found himself at the center of a controversial act motivated by love. Despite being known as an honest and diligent worker, Azim faced the harsh reality of poverty. This financial constraint left him feeling helpless in his desire to bring joy to his girlfriend.

Driven by his love and the desire to fulfill a dream, Azim took a drastic step. He stole 33 iPhones from his courier company, valuing over $30,000, and used the proceeds to buy a car for his girlfriend. This act of theft was not just a desperate attempt to please his partner but also a reflection of the high value placed on iPhones in Turkey.

The high cost of iPhones in Turkey is a result of hefty import duties and sales taxes, making them among the most expensive in the world. This inflated pricing creates a thriving black market for stolen iPhones, as they fetch significantly higher prices compared to their legitimate counterparts. Azim, aware of this fact, saw an opportunity in the high resale value of these devices.

This incident not only sheds light on the societal pressures and economic disparities that can drive individuals to commit crimes but also underscores a growing concern for companies like Apple. The lucrative market for stolen iPhones in regions with high taxes and duties poses a unique challenge, increasing the tension for the tech giant as it navigates the complexities of global markets and the impacts of economic policies on its products.


The story of Azim, a man propelled by love to cross legal and ethical boundaries, serves as a poignant reminder of the multifaceted nature of human actions and the diverse factors that can influence them.

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