The Honda Dio has been making waves in the scooter market recently. With its stylish design, impressive mileage, and safety features, it has become a popular choice for many scooter enthusiasts. The 110cc engine generates 9 Nm max torque and offers a great balance between power and fuel efficiency. The scooter provides an impressive mileage of 50km per liter and comes with a 5.3L fuel tank capacity.

In terms of safety features, the Honda Dio features Telescopic suspension, clear headlamps for night travel, and a silent engine for a peaceful ride. It also has Unified Breaking System for better control and stability on the road.

The design of the Honda Dio strikes a balance between modern and classic, with four different variants and five color options to choose from. The fashionable protector not only adds to the aesthetics but also protects the rider from the heat. The wheelbase has been increased for better stability, safety, and control. It’s a perfect ride for anyone looking for a blend of classic and modern design.

The Honda Dio is priced at 76,003 rupees (ex-showroom, Delhi) and 88,075 rupees on the road. For those interested, banks offer a loan option at a 9.7% annual interest rate, with a 79,075 rupees loan amount and a 9000 rupees down payment. The EMI would be around 2,540 rupees per month for the next 3 years.

With its affordable pricing, stylish design, impressive mileage, and safety features, the Honda Dio is certainly a great choice for those in the market for a new scooter. Whether for daily commuting or leisurely rides, the Honda Dio promises a smooth and enjoyable riding experience.

Honda Dio
Honda Dio


– Honda has launched a new scooter called Honda Dio, which is receiving a lot of love from people due to its features and affordable price.
– The scooter has a 110cc engine, generates 9 Nm max torque, and offers a mileage of 50km per liter.
– It comes with new Telescopic suspension, clear headlamp, position lamp, and a silent engine for a quiet start.
– The scooter also offers safety features such as a fashionable protector, unified breaking system, and increased wheelbase for stability.
– The design of the Honda Dio strikes a balance between old and modern, with four variants and five different color options.
– The price of the Honda Dio is set at 76,003 rupees, with the option of a 9.7% annual interest rate loan from a bank.

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