In a commendable demonstration of academic excellence and hard work, two daughters of a farmer from Bihar have made their mark in the esteemed Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) examination. Mangala Kumari and Poonam Pandey have not only passed the rigorous test but have done so with flying colors, as the BPSC released the final results of its 67th Combined Competitive Examination.

Mangala Kumari, hailing from the district of Bettiah, has become a beacon of inspiration in her locality by securing the impressive 11th position. Her achievement is a proud moment for the entire district, which is basking in the glory of her success. Mangala, along with her sister Poonam Pandey, resides in the Suarchhap village of Lauria block of the district, where their father, Vidyakant Pandey, works the land as a farmer.

These young women’s journey to success is rooted in their small village, where they grew up with the values of determination and the importance of education instilled in them. Mangala Kumari has been selected for the coveted Bihar Administrative Service, a testament to her diligence and the high quality of her preparation for one of the most challenging competitive exams in the country.

The family of Jawar, which includes Mangala as the second among four sisters and one brother, is overwhelmed with joy. The celebrations are not confined to the family alone; neighbors, friends, and the entire community are reveling in the achievements of their daughters.

BPSC Topper Mangala Kumari

Mangala’s success story is particularly impactful, serving as a motivating force for many young girls in her village and surrounding areas. It sends a powerful message that with the right amount of effort and dedication, young women from rural backgrounds can rise to prominent positions and achieve their dreams.

This moment is not just a personal victory for Mangala and Poonam but also a symbol of hope for many families who aspire to provide a better future for their children through education. Their accomplishments represent the changing face of Bihar, where daughters of farmers can now dream and achieve the same heights as anyone else in the nation. The legacy of Mangala and Poonam will undoubtedly inspire generations to come, proving that no dream is too big to achieve, irrespective of one’s beginnings.