In a modest household where the aroma of tea blends with the aspirations of education, a remarkable narrative unfolds in Sheikhpura, Bihar. Rampa Kumari, a government school teacher and daughter of a tea-seller, has carved her name into the annals of success by clearing the 67th Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) examination to become an officer. This feat was closely followed by her mother’s achievement, who passed the teacher reinstatement examination conducted by BPSC, bringing double the joy to their family.

Rampa Kumari, the pride of Sheikhpura, speaks humbly of her roots and her current role as an educator. Her achievements have garnered acclaim not only from her village but also from fellow educators across neighboring regions. Since the BPSC result declaration, the atmosphere of celebration has extended beyond her immediate family to the community she serves.

The household buzzed with excitement as her mother, Meena Kumari, also an established teacher in a government school, succeeded in the teacher reinstatement examination. Meena has been teaching in Sijhori, Chevada, while Rampa’s father, Naval Kishore Prasad, runs a tea shop in Sheikhpura Tirmuhani, embodying the entrepreneurial spirit of the family.

Rampa, who has been serving as a teacher in Matokhar Middle School of the Sadar Block since 2012, has been appointed the Sub-Divisional Backward-Extremely Backward Welfare Officer. Balancing her school duties with diligent preparation, Rampa attributes her success in the BPSC examination to the discipline and insight gained from her teaching experience. The classroom, she reveals, provided a fertile ground for her own learning and preparation.

Her determination was such that after completing her seven-hour school duty, Rampa would devote herself to studying for the BPSC exams at home. Her efforts were self-driven and fortified by the educational values instilled in her since childhood. Rampa’s maternal uncle, JDU leader Bhagwan Kushwaha, attests to her longstanding commitment to her studies.

In the wake of her achievement, Rampa has been inundated with congratulations from neighbors, fellow teachers, and education department officials and personnel. They all come to her home to celebrate the triumph that is as much a testament to her hard work as it is to the power of education to transform lives.

BPSC Topper Rampa Kumari

To honor these twin victories, the family chose a unique way to share their happiness—by serving free tea, a symbol of their journey and the humble beginnings from which they have risen. It’s a reminder that in the heart of Bihar, the strength of a community lies in its ability to uplift each member through education and collective support.