Trials, tribulations, and unyielding spirit often paint the stories of those who achieve great things. IAS Namita Sharma’s journey is an exemplary testament to this. Hailing from Delhi, her academic prowess was evident early on. Her pursuit of engineering post-intermediate was a testament to her intelligence and determination.

Upon concluding her engineering stint, she secured a position in a reputed company. However, two years into her professional journey, a greater call beckoned her – the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). With her eyes set on the prestigious IAS title, she embarked on this rigorous journey.

Namita’s mantra has always been clear: one shouldn’t dive into the UPSC examination with a half-baked preparation. Her initial two attempts were taken with partial readiness, leading to unsuccessful outcomes in the preliminary rounds. However, rather than being bogged down by the setbacks, she saw them as lessons, urging her to reflect, recalibrate, and resume with increased vigor.

The following two attempts saw a similar fate. While many would have conceded to the challenging nature of the exam, Namita’s determination only grew stronger. On her fifth attempt, she broke through to the interview round. This small victory fueled her confidence, pushing her to intensify her efforts. And, in her ultimate attempt, her dedication bore fruit when she secured the All India Rank of 145.

IAS Namita Sharma
IAS Namita Sharma

Worth noting is that during her last two attempts at the UPSC, Namita wasn’t just preparing in isolation. She had also secured a position through the SSC CGL in 2016. Balancing her job responsibilities with the demanding UPSC preparations showcased her unwavering commitment and time management skills. Her story serves as an inspiration that with perseverance, commitment, and the right mindset, one can conquer even the most daunting challenges.