The UPSC examination is deemed one of the toughest competitive exams in India. It demands not just rigorous academic preparation, but also mental fortitude and resilience. IAS Anupama Anjali, an achiever in the realm of civil services, unveils how she infused moments of rejuvenation amidst her intense preparation regime.

An Effective Strategy Beyond Books:

Anupama Anjali’s success wasn’t just a byproduct of endless hours of study. It was the balance she struck between her studies and self-care. Periodic mental refreshments played a pivotal role in her overall strategy, ensuring she stayed motivated and prepared for the challenges.

The Mental Battles:

UPSC preparation is often fraught with doubt and negative thoughts. Anupama candidly shares that it’s a common occurrence to feel low or dejected at various stages of preparation. Her antidote? A steadfast positive attitude, combined with self-motivation techniques.

The Role of Extracurricular Activities:

To keep her spirits high and mind sharp, Anupama integrated extracurricular activities into her routine. Such engagements, she asserts, bring in fresh energy, invigorating one’s drive for further hard work.

Exercise and Meditation – The Twin Pillars:

Taking periodic breaks is vital. But what to do during those breaks? Anupama’s prescription includes exercise and meditation. These activities, according to her, fortify the mind, instilling motivation and building mental resilience.

Consistent Physical and Mental Health:

Anupama underscores the importance of daily physical and mental exercises. Such consistent routines not only bolster physical health but also provide the mental strength required to overcome challenges.

Minimizing Distractions:

Preparation for UPSC necessitates laser-focused attention. Anupama believes that distractions, be it frequent social outings or attending functions, should be minimized. This ensures that one’s energy and time are directed constructively.

Refreshing Yet Focused:

While it’s important to rejuvenate, Anupama emphasizes the essence of choosing activities wisely. Anything that serves as a refreshing break without derailing the overall preparation process is beneficial.

IAS Anupama Anjali
IAS Anupama Anjali

In essence, IAS Anupama Anjali’s journey and insights remind us that while rigorous academic preparation is paramount, so is maintaining a holistic well-being. The interplay of study, relaxation, and self-care is, indeed, the mantra for success in the demanding UPSC landscape.

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