In Chapra, Bihar, a woman’s innovative approach to gardening has captured the attention of both her country and the world. Sunita Prasad, with her ingenious utilization of PVC pipes and bamboo, has created a sustainable and efficient way to grow organic vegetables right at home. Here’s how her journey towards pioneering rooftop garden innovations unfolded:

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The Emergence of a Trendsetter:

Sunita Prasad’s vertical gardening technique has gained immense popularity. This homegrown approach to gardening not only serves her family with fresh, organic vegetables but has also inspired many. Fulfilling every kitchen requirement, Sunita’s home now thrives with greenery.

Beginnings and Innovations:

Sunita’s tryst with gardening started humbly, using broken vessels or discarded containers to plant saplings. One day, while selling scrap items, she came across PVC pipes. Purchasing them on a whim, she placed them on her terrace. As the seasons changed, she observed that the soil within these pipes began to sprout grass. An idea was born.

The PVC Experiment:

Seeing the growth in the PVC pipes, Sunita decided to experiment with growing vegetables in them. The success of this venture led her down a path of eco-friendly innovation. Not stopping at PVC, she soon incorporated bamboo into her terrace garden. As her garden thrived, her fame spread – from her immediate neighbors to the whole city.

A Unique Terrace Garden:

Today, if you were to visit Sunita’s terrace, you’d find it devoid of traditional pots. Instead, bamboo and PVC pipes dominate the space, each filled with an array of vegetables.

A Diverse Bounty:

Sunita’s garden is a testament to her skill and adaptability. From brinjals, cabbages, beetroot, turnips, to even exotic plants like sapota and strawberry – all flourish in her eco-friendly vertical garden constructed from PVC and bamboo.

Accolades and Recognition:

Sunita’s out-of-the-box thinking and dedication to sustainable gardening have won her prestigious awards. The ‘Innovative Farmers Award’ and ‘Kisan Abhinav Samman’ are but a couple of accolades that recognize her contribution to the field of urban farming.

Sunita Prasad
Sunita Prasad

In a world seeking sustainability, Sunita Prasad stands as a beacon, showcasing that with innovation and dedication, even urban spaces can become green havens.