Chandramukhi 2 Box Office Collection Day 5: The Bollywood film industry witnesses intense competition every week, with movies vying for box office success. Among the recent releases causing a buzz is the horror-comedy “Chandramukhi 2”, starring prominent names like Kangana Ranaut, Raghav Lawrence, and Lakshmi Menon. Released on 28th September, the film faced stiff competition from the onset. Here’s a closer look at its box office performance.

Intense Competition at the Box Office

Upon its release, “Chandramukhi 2” had to brave the box office alongside two other significant releases – “Fukrey 3”, a continuation of the popular comedy series, and “The Vaccine War”, which intrigued many with its unique title and theme. With three films targeting different audiences, the competition was bound to be intense.

Mixed Bag of Reviews and Opening Day Collection

The response to “Chandramukhi 2” has been varied, with both critics and audiences offering a mix of positive and negative feedback. The opening day, however, saw a strong footfall, allowing the film to pocket a commendable Rs 8.25 crore, an impressive figure considering its genre and the existing competition.

A Dip on the First Monday

The real challenge for any film lies in maintaining momentum beyond the opening weekend. According to early trend reports from SACNILC, the fifth day, i.e., the first Monday after the film’s release, saw a considerable drop in collections. “Chandramukhi 2” managed to garner Rs 4.50 crore, indicating a slowing pace.

Five-Day Total Collection

Despite the Monday dip, “Chandramukhi 2” has managed a respectable five-day haul. The total earnings of the film, as of its fifth day, stand at Rs 28.95 crore. While it’s a commendable figure, the coming days will determine its long-term success.

Chandramukhi 2
Chandramukhi 2

The Bollywood box office is unpredictable, with films often facing fluctuating fortunes. “Chandramukhi 2”, with its stellar cast and intriguing storyline, still has the potential to pull audiences in the coming weeks. Whether it manages to sustain momentum and turn the tables remains to be seen.

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