IAS Isha Duhan, a name that resonates with dedication and passion in the echelons of the Indian Administrative Services, has a remarkable journey that many UPSC aspirants aim to emulate. A 2014 batch officer, Isha clinched the 59th rank in the UPSC examination, a feat that testifies to her grit and determination.

Ever since she was in the eighth grade, the idea of becoming an IAS officer had been firmly etched in Isha’s mind. Pursuing her undergraduate studies in Biotechnology, her preparation for the revered UPSC examination began in earnest during her final year of graduation. Her days would start as early as 5:30 in the morning, attending preparatory classes for the exam, followed by her regular university lectures.

However, as time went by, Isha came to a realization. She felt the need to first focus on her college studies before diving deep into the vast syllabus of the UPSC. Following her graduation, she relocated to Delhi, the hub for civil service preparations, to wholeheartedly commit to her UPSC journey.

In the early days of her dedicated preparation, Isha focused intensely on her optional subjects. Recognizing the significance of being updated with current affairs, she made it a ritual to peruse newspapers daily, ensuring she was in tune with national and international events.

For those charting their own UPSC journey, Isha offers some invaluable advice:

Prioritize Previous Years’ Papers:

Going through these helps aspirants grasp the pattern and nuances of the examination. It gives a tangible direction to one’s preparation.

Decide Your Study Source Wisely:

While there’s a plethora of material available, it’s crucial to select sources judiciously. Isha underscores the significance of NCERT books, citing them as instrumental in laying a strong foundation for aspirants.

IAS Isha Duhan
IAS Isha Duhan

IAS Isha Duhan’s journey and her pearls of wisdom serve as a beacon for countless UPSC candidates. Her story is a testament to the fact that with unwavering focus, right strategy, and sheer determination, one can achieve their dream of serving the nation as a civil servant.