In the bustling city of Bhopal lived Prateek Sharma, an individual who wore his passion on his sleeve: a passion for farming. Most knew him for his corporate success, but beneath that white-collar exterior, the heart of a farmer beat steadily.

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A High-Flying Start in Banking

After completing his MBA from Pune in 2006, Prateek swiftly entered the corporate arena with an enticing job offer from a prestigious private bank. Many would dream of such an opportunity, and true to his skills and capabilities, Prateek climbed the corporate ladder with ease. He soon garnered promotions, reaching the esteemed position of Product Manager in record time.

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The Call of the Fields

However, with the rapid ascent in his career came an unsettling monotony. The repetitive corporate life started to weigh down on Prateek. The gleaming high-rises and boardroom meetings no longer enticed him. The allure of the verdant fields beckoned, and ultimately, he answered their call by forsaking his hefty Rs 15 lakh package.

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A Dive into Farming

Prateek had always been fond of farming. Embracing this long-cherished dream, he invested in 5.5 acres of land. Initially, he adopted conventional chemical farming techniques. However, this approach only brought him consistent losses.

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Determined to turn the tide, Prateek delved deep into the realm of organic farming. He tirelessly researched and learnt the nuances, equipping himself with knowledge and skills that would soon change his farming trajectory.

Organic Farming: The Golden Touch

Within four years, Prateek transformed his land into a thriving organic farm, breaking free from the shackles of chemical inputs. His dedication bore fruit, quite literally. Today, each of Prateek’s 5.5 acres yields a profit of Rs 1.5 lakh annually, a testament to his farming acumen.

Furthermore, Prateek’s journey has been a source of inspiration for many. Over 100 farmers, both small-scale and large, have joined him in this green revolution. They are not just reaping the monetary benefits but are also contributing to a sustainable and healthier future.

Prateek Sharma
Prateek Sharma

Prateek Sharma’s story is not just about the shift from corporate life to farming. It’s a tale of following one’s heart, of perseverance, and of finding success in unexpected places. His journey reminds us that sometimes, the road less traveled indeed makes all the difference.