World Cup 2023: Former Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir recently stirred the cricketing pot by expressing reservations about Shreyas Iyer’s inclusion in the World Cup squad. Gambhir’s concerns centered around Iyer’s recurring injuries, and he suggested that India should exercise caution when considering him for the tournament. In response to this, Kapil Dev, the legendary captain of the 1983 World Cup-winning team, has offered a nuanced perspective, emphasizing the importance of not singling out one player.

Gambhir’s apprehensions about Shreyas Iyer’s fitness and his suitability for the World Cup squad brought this issue to the forefront. He argued that Iyer’s recent injury, which occurred after just one match, raises questions about his readiness for such a high-stakes tournament.

World Cup 2023: When Kapil Dev was approached for his take on Gambhir’s comments, he wisely deflected from taking a definitive stance. Kapil Dev asserted that the responsibility of selection falls squarely on the shoulders of the selectors, making it clear that he wouldn’t comment on the matter. He lauded the selectors’ expertise in making such decisions and stressed that it’s unwise to place undue scrutiny on one individual.

It’s worth noting that Shreyas Iyer is on the path to recovery and is expected to regain fitness before the World Cup. His selection for the upcoming Australia series hints at a possible return to competitive cricket. Whether he features in these matches or not remains to be seen, but it presents an opportunity for him to prove his match fitness.

World Cup 2023: Shreyas Iyer’s journey back to the Indian cricket team has been marked by highs and lows. After a considerable absence, he made his return during the Asia Cup, where he played a crucial role against Pakistan. However, his journey was marred by another injury, casting doubt on his immediate future. Although he was seen practicing in the nets during the India-Bangladesh match, his comeback in the final match did not materialize.

Shreyas Iyer
Shreyas Iyer

World Cup 2023: The debate surrounding Shreyas Iyer’s fitness and inclusion in the World Cup squad reflects the complexities of team selection and player readiness. Kapil Dev’s wise stance serves as a reminder that the onus is on selectors to make these determinations, and it’s crucial to avoid undue scrutiny and criticism of individual players during this process. As cricket enthusiasts eagerly await the World Cup, the dynamics of team selection continue to be a captivating subplot in the lead-up to the tournament.