Avocado Farming: Harshit Godha, with a degree from the illustrious University of Bath in the UK, might have been anticipated to join the bustling world of corporate business. But instead, he chose a different path, one that led him back to the soil of India, cultivating a superfood and earning in millions.

Back in 2016, while pursuing his Business Administration degree in London, Harshit was no ordinary student. His passion for fitness and bodybuilding set him apart. The gym was his second home, and a balanced diet was non-negotiable. Amidst his health-centric lifestyle, Harshit developed an affinity for avocados, a fruit not so commonly consumed in his homeland, India.

This realization sowed the seeds of a business idea. Rather than pursuing a corporate job in the UK, Harshit decided to bring the avocado revolution to India. Eager and curious, he plunged into extensive research. To cultivate the best avocados, he knew he had to learn from the best. So, he reached out to experts in Israel, a country known for its avant-garde agricultural techniques.

One serendipitous email changed the trajectory of his venture. An Israeli avocado cultivator not only replied to his queries but also extended an invitation for a free, hands-on training program. Harshit seized this golden opportunity and flew to Israel for a month-long training.

With newfound knowledge, Harshit planned to import quality avocado plants from Israel. However, just as his venture was taking off, the world plunged into uncertainty with the outbreak of Covid-19. International lockdowns meant delays, and his business plans were temporarily halted.

When the Covid situation began to ease, a new challenge arose. As his plants were en route from Israel, the Hamas attacks caused further postponements. But Harshit’s determination was unyielding. After a patience-testing two-year wait, he finally commenced his avocado farming in India.

Growing up in a household of accomplished lawyers, with both his father and grandfather holding reputable positions in the field and his brother following suit, Harshit’s decision to delve into agriculture was unexpected but commendable.

Harshit Godha
Harshit Godha

Today, Harshit’s farm isn’t just a cultivation hub; it’s also a nursery. He sells avocado plants across the nation. Starting with an initial investment of around Rs 50 lakh, Harshit has already reaped lakhs in return, showcasing that passion blended with education and persistence can indeed lead to fruitful outcomes.