Entrepreneurial success stories inspire generations, showcasing how sheer determination, innovation, and a vision can turn modest beginnings into grand ventures. Umang Sridhar’s story is a testament to this transformative power of perseverance.

The Genesis of Umang Khadiji Brand

Hailing from Bhopal, Umang Sridhar embarked on his business journey with a modest Rs 30,000. Today, he stands tall as the founder of the brand ‘Umang Khadiji,’ with an impressive clientele that includes corporate giants such as Reliance Industries and Aditya Birla Group.

Birth of the Brand Name

The essence of the brand is encapsulated in its name. ‘KhadiJi’ is a blend of the words ‘Khadi’ and ‘Ji,’ representing respect for the traditional craft and the artisans behind it.

Digitalizing Tradition

Umang has revolutionized the age-old craft by presenting the Charkha in a digital avatar. His dedication goes beyond just profit. He has reinvigorated the Khadi and handloom fabric industry by offering employment opportunities to weavers spanning across Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and West Bengal.

Roots in Kishanganj

Behind this flourishing brand is Umang’s rich heritage. A native of Kishanganj, a quaint village in Damoh district, he derives his tenacity from his family background. His mother, a figure of authority, has served as a district president, instilling in him values of hard work and dedication.

Eco-Friendly Expansion

Umang isn’t just an entrepreneur; he’s an eco-warrior. By utilizing organic cotton and repurposing waste materials from bamboo and soybean, he is pushing the boundaries of sustainable fashion. With an eye on the international market, Umang aspires to introduce his eco-friendly fabrics to style hubs like London and broader Europe.

Empowering Women

Umang’s venture isn’t just about fabrics; it’s about shaping futures. His enterprise has paved the way for employment for over 50 women, ensuring they lead financially independent and dignified lives.

Umang Sridhar
Umang Sridhar

Umang Sridhar’s story is not just about monetary milestones. It’s a tale of upholding traditions, driving sustainable innovations, and creating livelihoods. As his brand ‘Umang Khadiji’ weaves success stories with each fabric, it also intertwines the dreams and aspirations of many who are part of this beautiful journey.