Honda Activa 6G
Honda Activa 6G

When we think of scooters in India, Honda Activa immediately strikes our mind. Known for its robust build, refined engine, and an expansive service network, the Activa has always been a top choice for many. And now, there’s good news for those looking to own this iconic scooter without breaking the bank!

Why the Honda Activa is a Steal at These Prices

  • 2012 Model for Rs. 20,000: On Quikr, the 2012 Honda Activa model is available at an unbeatable price of just Rs. 20,000. At such a competitive rate, it’s akin to grabbing a golden opportunity.
  • Activa 6G Variants: For those interested in the latest models, the Honda Activa 6G, available in 3 stunning variants and a palette of 7 colors, is the way to go. While the starting price is Rs. 91,148, the top variant can be yours for Rs. 97,741.
  • 2013 Model for Rs. 25,000: Another great deal on Quikr is the 2013 Honda Activa model available for just Rs. 25,000. Located in Sadar Bazaar, this scooter has seen 33,000 kms on the road and promises to be a reliable companion.
  • 2014 Model for Rs. 35,000: Yet another tempting offer on Quikr is the 2014 model available in Ghazipur for Rs. 35,000.

Areas of Improvement

While the Honda Activa is renowned for its performance and durability, there are a few areas that could benefit from upgrades:

  • The brakes could offer a sharper response.
  • The rear suspension tends to be on the stiffer side.
  • Modern feature additions would elevate its appeal further.

What Makes Activa Shine

  • The engine is remarkably refined, ensuring a smooth ride.
  • Durable metal body panels add to its longevity.
  • Honda’s vast service network ensures easy maintenance and repairs.

The Unquestionable Dominance

Honda Activa’s dominance in the scooter segment has been unparalleled. But do the latest updates retain this position? We took the Honda Activa 6G for a spin to delve deep. The key specs include an engine capacity of 109.51 cc, a commendable mileage of 47 kmpl, kerb weight of 106 kg, and a seat height of 692 mm.

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Honda Activa Features and Points:

  1. Pricing and Models on Quikr:
    • 2012 Model: Rs. 20,000
    • 2013 Model in Sadar Bazaar: Rs. 25,000 with 33,000 kms ridden.
    • 2014 Model in Ghazipur: Rs. 35,000
  2. Honda Activa 6G Details:
    • Available in 3 variants.
    • Comes in 7 colors.
    • Starting Price: Rs. 91,148
    • Top Variant Price: Rs. 97,741
  3. Specifications of Activa 6G:
    • Engine Capacity: 109.51 cc
    • Mileage: 47 kmpl
    • Kerb Weight: 106 kg
    • Seat Height: 692 mm
  4. Strengths:
    • Refined engine
    • Metal body panels
    • Vast Honda service network
  5. Areas of Improvement:
    • Braking requires more bite
    • Stiff rear suspension
    • Missing some modern features

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