With the automobile landscape constantly evolving, Mahindra is set to mark its territory with the introduction of XUV200, aiming to challenge the dominance of Hyundai’s Creta. This article provides a comprehensive look into the key attributes, pros, and cons of this impressive car.

1. Mahindra XUV300: A Detailed Review

Mahindra’s foray into the premium compact SUV segment is characterized by the XUV300. The vehicle impresses with its aesthetic appeal, a plethora of features, and notably, a robust diesel engine. There’s also buzzing anticipation around the introduction of a more potent petrol engine for the XUV300 in the near future.

2. Power-packed in a Compact Frame

The media is abuzz with reports highlighting the 1500cc engine of the XUV200, suggesting that it’s a dynamo packed in a compact frame. Recognizing the looming competition, even Maruti seems to have taken the cue and has purportedly started groundwork on the new WagonR 2023.

3. Colour Palette

Potential buyers can revel in a choice of six vibrant exterior shades, namely: Aqua Marine, Red Rage, Napoli Black, Dsat Silver, Pearl White, and Galaxy Grey. An added flair is offered with the options of Aqua Marine and Red Rage, which can be accentuated with a contrasting white roof.

4. The Downside

The Mahindra XUV300, while impressive, has areas needing refinement. It urgently requires an aesthetic refresh to attract potential customers. Its interiors, although decent, fall short when compared to competitors like the Venue or Seltos. Furthermore, the petrol AMT gearbox underperforms, resulting in less refined gear shifts, which detracts from the overall driving experience. These shortcomings highlight the need for Mahindra to revisit certain design and performance aspects.

5. What Stands Out

  • Aesthetic Appeal: The majority will concur that the XUV300 dons an alluring front facade.
  • Safety First: With a stellar NCAP safety rating, this SUV addresses increasing safety concerns.
  • Loaded with Features: The top variant of XUV300 boasts an exhaustive list of features, ensuring safety and comfort.
New look of Mahindra 300 trumps Nissan Magnite in the 1200x675 1
Mahindra XUV300

6. Customer Verdicts

  • Praneeth’s Experience: He shared concerns about recurring clutch plate issues which led to hefty replacement charges within a short span. He further lamented the lack of remorse or assistance from the showroom personnel.
  • Prashant’s Insight: He extolled the car for its exceptional performance, particularly the diesel version, lauding its torque, drivability, build quality, and back seat comfort, attributing it to the segment’s longest wheelbase.
  • Dipankar Sarkar’s Feedback: Although he invested in a new XUV300, within six months he experienced disturbing noises in the steering, which only intensified. He expressed dissatisfaction with Mahindra’s approach to address the concern.

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