The vibrant city of Bokaro, situated in the heart of Jharkhand, has given birth to numerous success stories over the years. Recently, another star has risen from this city, making headlines across the nation. Irfan Bhati, hailing from Gomiya block of Bokaro, has landed a staggering salary package of Rs 1.20 crore from none other than the tech giant, Google. The role? He’s set to work with the esteemed research team of Google London.

The Journey to London’s Tech Mecca

Mark your calendars for August 29, as this is when Irfan will commence his journey in London, taking charge of his responsibilities with Google’s research team. But this isn’t Irfan’s first tryst with the multinational tech company. Before grabbing this lucrative opportunity, Irfan showcased his prowess as a software engineer with Google India, contributing to their growth and technological innovations.

Educational Foundations and Early Achievements

Tracing Irfan’s footsteps back to his academic years, he completed his schooling from Pitts Modern Public School, Gomia in 2014. The foundation laid during these formative years was instrumental in shaping his interest in computers. Demonstrating prodigious talent and a precocious interest in technology, Irfan took the leap into the world of coding early on. By the time he reached the 10th grade, he had already designed and developed a mobile application, hinting at the grand ventures that lay ahead in his future.

Further fortifying his academic credentials, in 2019, Irfan pursued and completed his B.Tech in Computer Science from Haldia Institute of Technology, West Bengal. His illustrious journey didn’t stop there. Before joining Google India, Irfan garnered experience and honed his skills at prominent Indian companies like Byju’s and Flipkart.

A Family Rooted in Humble Beginnings

Behind this wunderkind is a tale of perseverance, epitomized by his family. Irfan’s father, Abdul Qadir, runs a business related to scrap transportation in Bokaro. Witnessing his son’s achievements, Abdul couldn’t hold back his overwhelming joy and pride. Exclaiming with heartfelt emotion, he said, “Well Done, Son!” Their story is a testament to the fact that with dedication, hard work, and a supportive environment, dreams can turn into reality, regardless of one’s background.


As Irfan embarks on this new chapter in London, his journey serves as an inspiration for countless young minds in India and especially in Bokaro, proving that with passion and perseverance, the sky’s the limit.