Success Story: In the heart of Etmadpur tehsil, a remarkable story has been unfolding in the Maurya family. Nagla Arjun’s own Rajbahadur Singh Maurya, who recently retired as the District Judge Cadre (Chief Justice Family Court) in Etah, has seen the legacy of legal prowess continue as all three of his children have now ascended to the role of judges.

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The Patriarch’s Pride:

Rajbahadur Singh Maurya’s career in the judiciary reached its crescendo when he retired from a distinguished position just a month ago. As he hung up his robes, little did he know that his two sons and a daughter would soon don the same, keeping the family’s legal legacy alive.

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The First to Forge Ahead:

The elder of the siblings, Arijit Singh, took the initial leap into the judiciary. He made his mark in 2018, securing his position as a Civil Judge in the Bhadohi district on his first attempt.

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PCS J Results – A Family Triumph:

The PCS J results proved to be a momentous occasion for the Mauryas. Both Shailja, the daughter, and Sudhanshu, the younger son, found their names on the list of successful candidates for the judicial service.

Shailja’s Journey:

Securing the 51st rank in PCS-J, Shailja wasn’t just about books. She also showcased her agility and sportiness as a district-level badminton player. Her ambition for the judicial service was crystal clear early on, as she pursued her BA LLB from the reputed Ram Manohar Lohia National Law College in Lucknow.

Sudhanshu’s Ascent:

Just like his father and elder brother, Sudhanshu had a clear vision. With an unwavering focus on his studies after completing his LLB, he pursued the path of judiciary. Securing the 276th rank in PCS-J on his very first attempt without attending any coaching classes speaks volumes of his dedication.

Siblings’ Study Strategy:

Their study approach was unique. Shailja and Sudhanshu adopted a collaborative method, with one preparing a topic one day and the other the next. This not only fostered sibling bond but also ensured comprehensive coverage. Whenever doubts arose, they had their elder brother, Arijit, to guide them, embodying the family’s collective spirit.

Shailaja and Sudhanshu

The Maurya family’s story serves as an inspiration, showcasing that dedication, guidance, and collaboration can make dreams come true. It’s not just about individual success but a shared family vision that has made them stand out in the legal community.