Tata Nano
Tata Nano

In the compact car segment, the Tata Nano has often been regarded as an affordable marvel, designed for urban landscapes. With its refreshing sporty look, the Nano is not just aiming to provide a cost-effective mode of transportation, but it’s also challenging giants like Maruti. Paired with top-notch features and a range that impresses, let’s dive deep into what the Tata Nano brings to the table.

  1. Price Range
  2. The Tata Nano, known for its affordability, starts at a price of Rs. 2.05 Lakh and stretches up to Rs. 2.97 Lakh. For the petrol variant, the price bracket is Rs. 2.05 Lakh to Rs. 2.50 Lakh. However, if you’re looking for the CNG variant, the cost ranges between Rs. 2.40 Lakh and Rs. 2.97 Lakh.
  3. Cons
    • Not suitable for high-speed highway driving
    • Limited safety features
    • A steeper price for the automatic variant
  4. Pros
    • Roomy interiors for comfortable seating
    • Exceptional turning radius for easy maneuvers
    • Compact size ensures hassle-free parking
  5. Customer Reviews
    • Arshad says, “An amazing car. It’s the best purchase I’ve made, delivering optimal mileage. Highly recommend purchasing this car brand new.”
    • Shashank Shubhankar praises, “I’ve had my Nano Twist Purple since 2014, and it’s been surpassing expectations, especially in terms of interior comfort, power steering, and overall suspension.”
    • Abdul Azad notes, “The space inside is a game-changer. I’d love to buy a new one, but unfortunately, the Nano has been discontinued. Hoping for a future version!”
  6. FAQs About Tata Nano
    • Q: What is the current price of the Tata Nano?
      • A: Tata has ceased Nano’s production. The last noted price was Rs. 2.05 Lakh.
    • Q: What’s the top model for Nano?
      • A: The Nano XM stands as the top model, last priced at Rs. 2.97 Lakh.
    • Q: Any new Nano models on the horizon?
      • A: Currently, there’s no news about upcoming Nano models.
  7. Key Specifications
    • Price: Starting from Rs. 2.05 Lakh
    • Mileage: Between 25.39 to 36 kmpl
    • Engine: 624 cc
    • Fuel Types: Available in both Petrol & CNG
    • Transmission: Manual & Automatic options available
    • Seating: Designed for 4 occupants
  8. Available Variants
    • CX priced at Rs. 2.05 Lakh
    • Twist XE at Rs. 2.13 Lakh
    • LX for Rs. 2.31 Lakh
    • CNG emax CX costing Rs. 2.40 Lakh
    • Twist XT available at Rs. 2.50 Lakh
Tata Nano
Tata Nano

The Tata Nano, with its sporty demeanor, does more than just challenge Maruti in the compact segment. It offers a unique blend of affordability, style, and efficiency, making it a choice worth considering for city dwellers.

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