Success Story: In the vast land of Chhattisgarh, the story of Ashish Kumar stands as an emblem of perseverance, resilience, and undying spirit. From facing a heartbreaking tragedy at a tender age to rising through the ranks of the Public Service Commission, Ashish’s journey is nothing short of inspiring.

Rising from Humble Beginnings

Ashish Kumar hailed from Budhapar, a quaint village located in the Pondi Uproda block of Korba district in Chhattisgarh. The challenges of life presented themselves early on, as he confronted success in the Public Service Commission exams purely based on grit and determination.

An Early Tragedy

At just 10 years of age, Ashish faced an unimaginable loss. He was orphaned after the untimely death of his parents. In these daunting times, his uncle emerged as his guardian angel, taking young Ashish under his wing, becoming a beacon of hope and support.

The Journey of Education

With dreams in his eyes, Ashish embarked on his academic journey. He began his primary education at the government school in Budhapar. However, for his high school education, he traveled to a distant village, symbolizing his early struggles and determination.

The College Years and a Clear Vision

Ashish’s academic prowess was evident when he graduated from the Government Engineering College, Bilaspur. Known for his sharp intellect, he had a vision clear as day: he was destined for the civil services. It was during his graduation days that he initiated his preparation for the CGPSC exam.

Initial Success and Determination

His dedication bore fruit when he cleared the CGPSC exam in his maiden attempt. He was appointed as the District Senani, a commendable position indeed. But for Ashish, this was only the beginning. He had set his sights higher, knowing well that this was not his final destination.

The Taste of True Success

Unyielding in his pursuits, Ashish doubled his efforts and commitment. His hard work intensified, and in his subsequent attempt, he tasted even sweeter success. This time, he achieved what he had always dreamt of: the esteemed post of Deputy Collector.

Deputy Collector Ashish Kumar
Deputy Collector Ashish Kumar

Ashish Kumar’s life story resonates with countless others who dare to dream despite their circumstances. It serves as a vivid reminder that with dedication, hard work, and a bit of guidance, no challenge is too big, no dream too distant. His journey, from the lanes of Budhapar to the office of the Deputy Collector, is an inspiration for every individual who aspires to transform their adversities into achievements.