Gadar 2 Day 32 Box Office Collection: The cinematic world is buzzing with the roaring success of “Gadar 2”. Even as the movie reaches its 32nd day since release, the box office numbers tell a story of undiminished enthusiasm. With Tara Singh’s captivating saga refusing to bow to newer releases, here’s a closer look at its magnificent run:

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Cruising Past Milestones:

“Gadar 2” not only made a thunderous entry into the coveted Rs 500 crore club but now has its sights set firmly on the Rs 600 crore landmark. The film’s financial success mirrors its emotional resonance among fans.

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32nd Day Collection Unveiled:

While many movies begin to wane a month after release, “Gadar 2” still finds takers, evident from its day 32 collection figures. It’s a testament to the movie’s enduring appeal.

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A Month-Long Saga:

Released on August 11, the film has now enjoyed a full month on the big screen. Over these 32 days, audiences have thronged to theaters, ensuring “Gadar 2” retains a prominent place in cinema hall listings.

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Day 32 in Numbers:

As per data from Sacnilk, the 32nd day saw a collection of Rs 75 lakh. While this might seem modest compared to its initial days, for a month-old release amidst fresh competition, it’s still a commendable feat.

The Growing Tally:

With the recent addition, the total box office collection now stands impressively at Rs 514.60 crores. The film’s journey towards the Rs 600 crore club seems more a matter of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’.

Gadar 2
Gadar 2

the strong performance of “Gadar 2” at the box office, even on its 32nd day, is indicative of its compelling storytelling and its connection with the audience. As the tale of Tara Singh continues to captivate viewers, the film industry watches with bated breath, hoping to decode the magic formula for such lasting appeal.

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