In the world of automobiles, the entry of a powerhouse model can disrupt the market trends, and the Maruti Alto 800 promises to do just that. With its competitive pricing, unmatched efficiency, and features that may surprise you, the Alto 800 is not just a car; it’s a statement by Maruti Suzuki that they’re here to rule the auto sector.

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Maruti Suzuki’s Price Spectrum:

Maruti Suzuki’s range is a perfect blend of budget-friendly and luxury offerings. While the Alto 800, its most affordable model, starts at a modest Rs. 3.53 Lakh, the marque doesn’t shy away from the luxury segment with its priciest model, Invicto, pegged at Rs. 24.80 Lakh.

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Maruti Alto 800: At A Glance:

  • Price: Starts at Rs. 3.53 Lakh
  • Mileage: Ranges between an impressive 22.05 to 31.59 kmpl
  • Engine: Equipped with a 796 cc powerhouse

Maruti’s Nationwide Reach:

A significant feather in Maruti’s cap is its unmatched presence across India. With the highest number of showrooms and service centres, no matter where you are, Maruti’s unparalleled service isn’t far away. This reach ensures not just top-notch after-sales service but also easy availability of spare parts, making vehicle maintenance hassle-free.

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A Legacy of Efficiency:

Maruti Suzuki’s claim to fame and a pivotal reason for its enduring popularity is unmatched fuel efficiency. Their engines are not just efficient but are also shared across models, making sourcing parts a breeze.

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Alto 800’s Price Range:

For those looking for affordability without compromising on quality, the Alto 800 is a dream come true. The base model starts at Rs. 3.53 Lakh, and if you’re looking for something extra, the top-tier variant is priced at Rs. 5.12 Lakh (average ex-showroom price).

Alto 800
Alto 800

The Flip Side:

Like every coin, the Alto 800 also has two sides.


  • Limited Features: Keeping the price point in mind, the Alto 800 isn’t brimming with the latest features.
  • Rear Space: The rear seat can feel a tad restrictive, and seating three can be a tight fit.
  • Boot Space: The compact nature means the boot space is just adequate.

What Makes It Shine:


  • Affordability: The Alto 800 is an entry point to the world of four-wheelers, making it a household name in Indian families.
  • User-friendly Controls: Thanks to its light controls, including steering and gear shifter, driving becomes a fatigue-free experience.
  • Fuel Efficiency: A combination of its lightweight design and compact engine ensures top-notch fuel efficiency.

The Maruti Alto 800, with its set of pros and cons, is poised to take the auto sector by storm. With its attractive price point, reliable performance, and the legacy of Maruti Suzuki backing it, it’s ready to rewrite the rules of the game. Whether you’re a first-time car buyer or looking for an efficient city ride, the Alto 800 promises to be a choice you won’t regret.

1. Maruti Suzuki is planning to relaunch the Alto 800 with a new look and added features.
2. The Alto 800 was previously known as India’s most affordable car.
3. The new version may be based on the lightweight Heartect platform.
4. The car may have a crossover-style design similar to the S-Presso.
5. The engine could be a 796cc, 3-cylinder naturally aspirated petrol engine.
6. It may offer 48 PS of maximum power and 69 Nm of peak torque.
7. The car may come with a 5-speed manual transmission.
8. It is expected to have improved features compared to the previous version.
9. The top-end variant may come with a SmartPlay infotainment system.
10. Features such as power windows, LED DRL wheel caps, dual airbags, ABS with EBD, and reverse parking sensors may be included.
11. Some features may not be available in the base variant.
12. The launch of the new Alto 800 is expected by the end of this year.
13. The official launch date and pricing details have not been confirmed yet.
14. The price is speculated to be under 5 lakh rupees.
15. The new Alto 800 may compete with cars like the Renault Kwid in the market.

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